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Comic-Con: Game of Brands

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Published by Alison Jenks, SVP at FreemanXP | Source: Face-to-Face with Freeman blog

What B2B Event Marketers can learn from Comic-Con International 2015

Unless you’ve been living under a rock over the last week, you’ve probably seen a lot about the 2015 Comic-Con International in San Diego. Comic-Con started in 1970 as a one-day “minicon” devoted to creating awareness of, and appreciation for, comics and related popular art forms. Today there’s nothing mini about it. The conference receives attention from all over the world, attracts the biggest names in entertainment and draws over 130,000 people for the four-day event in America’s Finest City.

Most of the high-profile entertainment brands at Comic-Con could easily tap into their own established and widespread distribution networks to reach such large audiences. And yet, they prioritize a big showing at Comic-Con – underscoring the global trend toward experiential marketing as a key pillar of effective promotion. In its coverage of the conference, global digital media outlet Mashable explains why brands are investing in great experiences to connect more closely with fans: “We live in an always-on culture that can inform hundreds of nations in a single tweet, bridge thousands of miles through an Instagram post. Plugged in, live streamed, we think ourselves everywhere at once. But there’s still something to be said for the in-person approach, for events that connect to the emotional brain via all the senses.” 

And connect it did…

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Freeman’s Sandra Lijoi with crew & stage producer at Mississaugas of the New Credit Fort York Gala, a Pan Am Games-related event

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Mississaugas of the New Credit

 Pictured above (front row, left to right): Stage Producer Elaina Martin, Freeman Audio Visual Toronto Account Executive Sandra Lijoi, Toronto Lighting Director Daniel Sonenberg & the rest of the AV crew.

As the Host First Nation to the Pan Am and Parapan America Games, The Mississaugas of the New Credit have a special place of honour as the world gathers in the traditional homelands. The night before the Games began, the Mississaugas of the New Credit hosted dignitaries of the 41 countries at a spectacular event, technically supported by Freeman Audio Visual Canada, to welcome them to the traditional homelands. It was a chance for the leaders to mingle before the sports took centre stage. First Nations culture and tradition was on display and world-class musical talents performed to round out an exciting evening.


Drupa awards exhibition education program contract to FreemanXP

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DRUPA leverages international capabilities and strategic and creative expertise of FreemanXPFreeman Audio Visual Canada‘s sister company — to broaden reach of exhibition education program

LONDON, UK – May 2015 – FreemanXP, the brand experience agency at Freeman, today announced the agency has been selected to deliver the education program for drupa 2016, the leading international trade fair for print and cross-media solutions.

Known as the drupa cube, the education program will showcase a mix of digital, social and face-to-face marketing content and initiatives aimed at attracting both traditional delegates, as well as new audiences such as marketing agencies and brand owners. FreemanXP will leverage drupa’s deep industry knowledge and experience, working with FreemanXP and industry leaders such as EFI and HP, to deliver a data-driven approach to the education program. The team will use pre-show market trends and audience analysis to ensure that relevant content is delivered to each audience segment. In addition to its role helping drive strategy, FreemanXP will also manage speakers, sponsors and partner integration, conference space design, social media planning, onsite management and post-event analytics.

“With our long-time participation at drupa events, FreemanXP is particularly pleased to collaborate with the drupa team to enhance the experience for attendees while adding new content to the program that will help marketing agencies and brands prepare to take advantage of the marketing challenges ahead,” said Kim Myhre, senior vice president, international, at FreemanXP. “The multi-channel content creation and amplification campaign that we are working with drupa to develop and execute will add value not only for the delegates, but also extend to audiences beyond the show floor.”

“To create a successful education program for our delegates, an event of this scale requires a global partner, and FreemanXP is the ideal fit to execute the education sessions – a centerpiece of the exhibition,” said Sabine Geldermann, director of the drupa. “In addition, FreemanXP’s international footprint and strong network across industries added to their strategic and creative competencies in order to look at the program through a wide lens and create a valuable experience for our delegates.”

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AV Month 2014: Celebrating our Technical Support Teams

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AV Month Oct 2014_OLEach year during October, the audio visual community unites to celebrate, promote and share the AV industry with the world. Established by InfoComm International—the trade association representing the audio visual and information communications industries worldwide—AV Month is an international event which is held:

• to promote acknowledgement and the prevalence of AV in our lives
• to increase awareness of the exciting career opportunities available in the audio visual industry
• to educate the public about the value of AV to inform, inspire, and save lives

After a technically-flawless event, the complimentary pats don’t always extend far enough to reach the backs of our support crews that work—sometimes in the most unbelievable circumstances—to bring our customers’ visions to fruition. That’s why throughout this entire month, leads on events and members of our management team will be making their way to branches, satellite offices and venues across the country to celebrate AV Month with our frontline folks and show them know how much they’re appreciated.

If you see an AV technician this week, why not stop for a moment and shake his or her hand. These are the hands that bring your events to life!

Happy AV Month, Everyone!


avmonth2014fMois de l’audiovisuel : Célébrons nos équipes techniques

Chaque année, en octobre, la communauté de l’audiovisuel s’unit pour parler de l’industrie, la célébrer et en faire la promotion partout dans le monde. Instauré par InfoComm International, l’association mondiale des professionnels de la communication audiovisuelle et de l’information, ce Mois de l’audiovisuel est un événement international qui vise à :
• faire connaître l’importance de l’audiovisuel dans nos vies;
• sensibiliser les jeunes aux possibilités de carrière excitantes offertes par cette industrie;
• éduquer le public au sujet de l’importance de l’audiovisuel pour informer, enrichir et sauver des vies.

Après un événement impeccable sur le plan technique, les éloges ne se rendent pas toujours jusqu’aux équipes de soutien qui travaillent – parfois dans des circonstances carrément inconcevables – pour concrétiser la vision de nos clients. C’est pourquoi durant tout le mois les responsables d’événement et les membres de l’équipe de gestion visiteront les succursales, les bureaux satellites et les lieux de réunion dans tout le pays afin de célébrer le Mois de l’audiovisuel avec ces personnes en première ligne et leur signifier toute notre reconnaissance.

Si vous rencontrez un technicien en octobre, arrêtez-vous un moment pour lui serrer la main. Ce sont eux qui donnent vie à vos événements !

Bon Mois de l’audiovisuel à tous !

How similar are audiences around the world? FreemanXP fills us in.

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By Lisa VanRosendale

No matter the location or industry – these three basic needs are strikingly similar

We are just past the halfway point of 2014, and I have already travelled thousands of miles around the world, visiting cities like Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Austin, TX; Calgary, Canada; Moscow, Russia; Las Vegas, NV; and beyond. I’ve attended events in industries ranging from energy to technology to entertainment to you name it! Despite the miles (and oceans) between these locations and the differences in industries, I have found some best practices in engaging communities that are borderless.

My “ah ha” moment came as I was flying home from Malaysia this past March. On that long flight, I started reflecting on my various show experiences and realized that, although I have been in several completely different markets in drastically varying cities, the customer experience was similar in each.

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World Parkinson Congress: United for a Cure

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The World Parkinson Congress (WPC) brings physicians, scientists, nurses, rehabilitation specialists, caregivers and people with Parkinson’s disease together in the hopes of creating a worldwide dialogue to help expedite the discovery of a cure and best treatment practices for this devastating disease.

The World Parkinson Coalition Inc., in collaboration with JPdL, one of the world’s leading conference planners, chose AVW-TELAV as their presentation technology solutions partner for this event in large part due to our ability to provide a full range of AV, digital, creative and staging services, managed by one point of contact to handle all their requests.

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Meeting professionals, got the social media blues?

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Navigating the world of social media can make even the most savvy meeting planning professional’s head spin. Cutting-edge platforms and trendy lingo (tweet!) lure us to take part in a whole new world where business friendships are forged, information is shared and deals are brokered.

The possibilities are truly infinite. But the barrage of options can also induce anxiety, competitiveness and even bitterness. “Is it overwhelming? Yes,” says James Spellos, president of Meeting U, a New York-based technology training company specializing in conferences, meetings and businesses. “Is it critical? Yes again.”

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Keeping the Faith: American Cardinals Dinner 2013

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When U.S. cardinals gather in Washington, D.C., to raise funds for scholarships for The Catholic University of America (CUA), presentation technology and staging are the furthest things from their minds. With AVW-TELAV as their presentation solutions partner, they can rest assured their technology is in the hands of professionals, and focus on being the community’s voice of faith.

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