Why Hybrid Meetings Are the Way to Go

June 30, 2016

Planning meetings, sales conferences, or company-wide events can be a difficult task for the one organizing it all. Ensuring that you have a balance between logistics, technology and attention-grabbing display is important. Even more so, is tuning your event to be hybrid. Here’s why hybrid meetings are the way to go in event planning.

First of all, what is a hybrid event? A hybrid event is one that supports both in-person capabilities for those physically in attendance, as well as for remote attendees via video conferencing. The bringing together of live and virtual components in any meeting, event, seminar, workshop, conference, or tradeshow is characterized as a hybrid event.

Why are hybrid meetings the way to go? Being a leader in a high-efficiency and well-organized event not only helps your current employees, but it brings in more business and puts your company on the map as technologically advanced and savvy. The ability to host one event for both people in the room and outside of it is efficient, cost-effective, and extends far beyond four walls of a room, making physical boundaries no longer an issue. Your event will come off as sophisticated and revolutionary, ensuring you can reach everyone you need to seamlessly.

Gone is the time where checking one’s phone during a meeting was considered taboo. Now is the era of high-tech, and incorporating it into the rhetoric of a conference is encouraged. Not only is the virtual aspect limited to those tuning in from afar, but joining in “backchannel conversations” through Twitter as the event is happening live is a way to stay in the game and current. Content is constantly being created through social media, and companies will be well-advised to join the discussions happening on popular social platforms. It acts as advertisement, a way for others to hear opinions of leaders in their industry, and a way to encourage aspiring leaders or other industry-professionals to join in the topic.

What can you do to incorporate technology into your next meeting? Consider an AV company that already has hybrid capabilities built into their services. You will be given professional help and a guaranteed smooth set up and streaming feed. Advertise prior to the event that you are tech-supported and ensure you promote your social media accounts before the event. Create an event specific hashtag so that your attendees can easily join the conversation, and have proper signage throughout the event so that anyone can join in, at anytime.

You will quickly realize why hybrid meetings are the way to go, and they’ll soon become commonplace at your meetings. Video conferencing and social media (when appropriate) are revolutionizing the way we do meetings. Join the movement, and contact us for more information!