Using Webcasting Services to Grow Your Business

June 30, 2016


There are so many methods to promote your business – social media, marketing, infographics, blog posts and advertisements are probably methods you already have in place. To up your game, diversify your tactics and reach a bigger audience, webcasting should be your next approach.

Video is quickly becoming the fastest way we absorb information, and using webcasting services to grow your business will help you gain the traction you want.

Web-conferencing, webinars and webcasting are all ways that move your content from familiar and static text or photo posts, to something live, real-time, and recorded. It allows the consumer to watch when they want, and delivers information quickly, and in a more accessible way, allowing you to reach all corners of the earth. No matter the nature of your business, reach new customers, students, employees or professionals.

Using webcasting services to grow your business is easy for anyone with little to no experience. If you are looking to further promote your company and gain brand recognition, providing a live stream of a company seminar or press conference will help you achieve that. Webcasting services have modernized to have really great recording and editing capabilities, as well as becoming more mobile-friendly. These improvements make webcasting more user-friendly, in demand and popular than webinars and web-conferencing, as those services are geared towards smaller and more specific audiences.

Your goal when growing your business is to reach larger audiences and potentially those who may not necessarily already be interested in your product or services.

Many webcasting services allow you to screen-share, meaning you can share your screen with your audience. There are services as well that allow you to share just an application with your audience, rather than the entire screen. These presentation tools are good to make note of, so you are aware of them when it’s time to record, allowing you to use them on the fly, without your audience’s notice.

Webcasting really provides value for the audience when a Q&A is introduced. Moderator tools come in handy during the Q&A sessions, as an influx of questions can get overwhelming quickly. The raise-hand feature is a great way for the moderator to see when someone is asking a question. Muting attendees can help keep the noise levels down, and some services also supply operators to serve as moderators, at an extra charge.

If you are looking for your webcast session to serve both as a way to grow your business and as a way to monetize, you can charge attendees for registration. While this may not work for everyone, some people feel like they only get value when they pay for something.

You can also offer the first session for free for every new person to sign up. Many services integrate PayPal to help you capture your revenue, as well an API which helps you manage customer relations and follow up with your attendees after the webcast is over.

The benefits of using webcasting services to grow your business are many. Providing value, engaging content, and a seamless and accessible option is highly appreciated by your current and new customers. Contact us for more information.