Tips on Creating a Professional Meeting Environment for Your Presentation

July 23, 2015


You have the content, the venue, and the team, but you’re struggling with ensuring your presentation comes off as professional and well put together. Holding meetings that engage, educate, and embody your company’s brand is essential in creating a strong first impression and a lasting relationship with your clients. Freeman Audio Visual has lots of tools available to help you create a professional meeting environment, and thus, ensure you make the most of your scheduled meeting time.

While the basics may be in place, we can help you clean up the edges and create a sharper, more professional look to your entire presentation. Keeping on theme but also adding slight touches always goes a lot further in impressing your audience. In regards to your screen, adding picture-frame style screen surrounds enhance basic screens, making them look more polished. For more enhancements, our self-supporting column structures with simple LED fixtures can add a little extra to your presentation, with customizable lighting to enhance themes. For a more personal touch, custom printed logo inserts into our VH-1 style lecterns and lighting of drapery lines with LED lights can easily be installed and controlled. Light up your presentation, and make it stand out.


Follow basic rules of thumb to create a professional presentation. Keep these things in mind and see the difference in your meeting. While technical knowledge and understanding might not come easily to everyone, we can provide the support you need to make your presentation as smooth as possible. One of the most important aspects of a presentation, outside of aesthetics, is sound. Poor sound will basically negate all the hard work you’ve put in, so to avoid such a situation, ensure you have your sound figured out prior to the day of the meeting. If you’re unsure of when to use the house sound versus independent, first thing you should do is test the system. Also, to be safe and as a general rule of thumb, if there are multiple wireless microphones or if there will be music playing in the background, go with independent sound to ensure you get the best quality and support without glitches.

If you are unsure about how to choose a meeting room that is right for your presentation, some basic guidelines will help. Of course, ensuring the room is large enough for your expected number of attendees is standard practice; however, keep in mind that you must account for AV equipment which can take up to 15% of the room space – so plan accordingly. Pillars and chandeliers can add aesthetic appeal, and might even fall into your theme; however, they also take up quite a bit of space and need to have projection screens strategically positioned to allow for optimal viewing. In regards to AV equipment, square-shaped rooms work the best with the equipment, so look for something angular versus curved walls, despite how cool they look.

Clear as mud? No worries – Freeman Audio Visual is here to assist you as much or little as you need. Contact us for more information.