The Benefits of Using Audience Response Systems to Measure Success

June 30, 2016


Traditional rules of thumb and presentation skills are always handy when it comes to your corporate event, however adding in a newer technological aspect is not only a way to modernize, but it can help you analyze for future success as well. The benefits of using audience response systems to measure success are numerous, and we’ll be outlining them below.

1. Time

To start off with, the time it takes to complete a survey on paper versus via audience response is quite a vast difference. Often times, after a long conference, delegates don’t have the energy, mental space or time to sit down and fill out a series of multiple choice questions.

Having this as an electronic option at the end with everyone’s simultaneous participation is more efficient, ensures your answers are captured, and is much quicker than handing out pieces of scantron or survey sheets. Having these survey answers captured can help you gain feedback for your next event.

2. Discussion

Audience Response is an excellent tool to stimulate discussion during a presentation or event. The handheld easy-to-use interactive devices make participation easy, fast, and allows for responses to be documented in Excel. Stimulating discussion in a controlled way is great for you to know even during a presentation how well your content is being received. Is it being understood by most people, are they interested, and are they active in wanting to get the conversation going?

presentation remote
You can monitor these responses and tailor your subsequent content to adhere more to your audience’s needs, as well as quickly readjust your strategy in case it seems like you’re losing people.

3. Reinforce Learning

Perhaps your content is complicated or new to your audience. Having Audience Response in place is a good way to ensure your audience sticks with you throughout your presentation, and it’ll help you better prepare for the future.

You can measure the success of your conference by having “chapter summaries” or quizzes at the end of each segment, allowing you to gauge how well your audience is picking up on the material, and as a way to reinforce what they are learning.

This tactic is hugely beneficial in measuring success because you will have firsthand feedback as to whether your content is sinking or swimming.

4. Team Building

A huge part of working together is to actually work together. Focusing on team building is a great way to improve relationships, foster growth, and learn. Audience Response allows you to incorporate team building activities into your conference in easy and measureable ways. Your delegates can key in their answers, hold discussions, interact with the content, and have brainstorming sessions.

The benefits of using Audience Response systems to measure success are numerous, and your event or presentation will be at a great advantage. Contact us for more information.