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Distinctive Designs​

Let us tell you why we’re different.

Encore has poised itself to be one of the largest and best networked event production firms in the world, allowing us to offer you the best talent in the industry, designing your clients events to mirror the standard that the Four Seasons demands. Encore has expanded our design team to include the best and most industry recognized designers whose passion is to keep their finger on the pulse of industry trends and creating cutting-edge designs. 

Our team also knows that the Four Seasons doesn’t only want impeccable décor, but your hotel demands spectacular guest experience. We create an engaging and memorable experiences for guests through thoughtful event flow, entertainment, and decor.

Your event will be a showstopper, because we pull out all the stops.


Encore brings sophistication and attention to detail to every event we produce, ensuring that each one is a one-of-a-kind experience that exceeds all expectations.


Encore’s unique event designs and experiences are customized to magnify your client’s event vision and give your guests incredible experiences with the standards the Four Seasons expects.

Cutting-Edge Concepts

We keep our finger on the pulse of new trends to make sure our designs meet the standards the Four Seasons and their clients expect. Our designs are never copied and always unique, backed by our dozens of creative producers, event designers, event professionals and creative brains, all passionate about bringing events to life. 

Event Experience

Being North America’s largest and most decorated event organization gives us the edge of experience no other agency can provide. We focus on your guests’ experience from the moment they enter your hotel to the second they leave, ensuring their memories of the Four Seasons are not only lasting, but the five stars you deserve. 

In-House Designers

Having our designers work in-house at Encore, giving us the advantage of being able to work in unison with each other. Delivering a seamless event experience throughout each design element every time. From lighting design to linens, we design as one.

Brand Understanding

Encore has worked with hundreds of brands over the years and intimately understands how your corporate clients need their standards represented in order to meet their goals. We have the knowledge and experience to become an extension of their team, making us a unique partner to them unlike any other event agency. 

Vendor Partners

We work with hundreds of event vendors across the country, ensuring that our extended team is thoroughly vetted by Encore, giving you the level of service you would expect from us and nothing less. 


Encore’s team of seasoned professionals delivers exceptional service and unparalleled quality across all aspects of event production, bringing years of experience and expertise to every project.
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Encore’s Proven Process

Encore’s team of seasoned professionals delivers exceptional service and unparalleled quality across all aspects of event production, bringing years of experience and expertise to every project.

One-of-a-Kind Concepts

At Encore, there is no such thing as "off the shelf". Each event is designed to be unique with custom décor and handmade items that are never reused.

Flexibility & Proximity

We have warehouses and branches within 20 minutes of the Four Seasons, allowing our team and your clients the flexibility they need with staff and resources. 

In-House Design Creation

All of our custom builds and designs are created in house by the designers who are also working on the event design, making the vision seamless across the board. 

Detailed Planning & Project Management

Within our scenic team, each of our designers are experienced in designing activations and installations meticulously, making our creations perfect, the first time, coupled with our tried-and-true project management system.


Encore has first-hand experience supporting world-class sporting and athletic competitions, and esports and gaming events are no exception. We can collaboratively work with and augment your existing team based on the required needs of the production. With a vast roster of expertise and skill, we have stage managers, producers, creative directors, digital artists, project managers, and technical directors to help with all aspects of your gaming events.

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