Do you have a Global Audience?

With Encore Canada as your Simultaneous Interpretation  specialists, language never has to be a barrier to the free exchange of ideas. SI is the most effective language translation option for real-time communication.

For over 50 years, Encore Canada has bridged the language gaps for confidential board meetings, high profile international events and press conferences by supplying state-of-the-art communication systems.


  • Up to 32 languages simultaneously
  • High security options for sensitive content


  • Two way switching
  • Scalable to your event


  • Instant visual feedback of speaker position
  • Requests to speak can be stored infinitely

Encore Canada has provided interpretation services to high-level Global meetings such as the Summer and Winter Olympics, Kyoto Climate Change Conferences and the G8 Summits.

Let us put our experience to work for you, and ensure your message is communicated with clarity and accuracy.

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Encore Canada – Innovation dedicated to your brand.

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