SEE what we’re up to now! Freeman AV Canada Launches Special Events and Entertainment (SEE) Division

August 17, 2016

Freeman Audio Visual Canada is excited to announce the launch of its new special events and entertainment (SEE) division. These additional services are being offered in response to the growing demand for audiences today to receive high-quality, interactive experiences that entertain, inform, and motivate.

Our special events and entertainment department is on a daring new path to create exciting and innovative experiences dedicated to our client’s brands. “It’s the looks on people’s faces, that wonderment because they’ve never seen anything like this before,” says Romeo Loparco, special events executive producer. “The main goal of our new division is to provide our clients with the ‘wow’ factor for their events that attendees will forever associate with that client’s brand.”

Olga Pankova, one of Canada’s leading art entertainers and a pioneer in virtual reality art, is helping us spearhead the way into new dimension in Canada.

Olga’s signature virtual reality performances include both augmented reality art and her mixed reality art, making her a perfect partner for Romeo and his team to work with. Together, they infuse Olga’s VR creations with brand messaging, and the result has been well received by audiences and clients alike.

“Having the opportunity to meld an art idea with a corporate theme or brand really is not that different when creating a painting targeted to a specific audience with a specific thought or concept,” explains Olga. “I love to create art that connects the viewer. The VR art performance coupled with some awesome music makes for an incredible experience.”

Romeo and Olga, along with the SEE department and other forward-thinking, innovative artists, are changing the sensory landscape at corporate events.

“This is all new, and it’s exciting“ says Romeo. “We are so proud to be bringing this fresh innovation to the public and see a very thrilling journey ahead of us as our special events and entertainment division takes off. “

We invite you to join us on this journey, and see how it all came together.