Reality Check

August 23, 2010


3D AV TECHNOLOGY IS ALL THE RAGE THESE DAYS from single screen theatrical 3D movies and consumer 3DTVs, all the way up to immersive 3D systems, where the viewer is surrounded by integrated 3D full-length screens on all four sides, the ceiling, and floor.

Immersive 3D systems are now in use at leading universities, businesses, and government agencies, including the military. When combined with 3D viewer glasses—and tracking systems that tell the AV system computer(s) where the viewer is looking and what perspective they should be seeing—immersive 3D delivers a true “virtual reality” experience.”

It falls to AV technicians and managers to purchase, install, and maintain immersive 3D systems, plus provide training to users. This begs the question: Just how complicated is the care and feeding of immersive 3D AV systems?

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