RE/MAX’s Fall Connect 2011 ‘Solution Room’ video, produced by AVW-TELAV’s Creative Services team

December 2, 2011

AVW-TELAV’s Creative Services team shot and edited a video segment, called the Solution Room, for RE/MAX Fall Connect 2011. The team filmed for two days on location at the RE/MAX offices to get footage of the firm’s top real estate agents sharing their sales secrets and giving candid peer-to-peer testimonials. The two days of raw footage was edited down to about 50 minutes and merged together to create a vivid and stirring documentary. All of the video was shot and displayed in HD on two 12’x21′ screens flanking a 16’x48′ centre screen. Since the screen configuration at the event was larger than HD—essentially two or three HD videos side by side—we recorded all the interviews on a green-screen background which allowed us to display the video on the entire screen surface available to us.

Click here to watch the video