Professional Sound Systems for a Memorable Function

July 15, 2015
sound studio equipment
sound studio adjusting record equipment

There is nothing worse for your event than a sudden sound failure, whether through a deafening blast of feedback or, even worse, a complete failure of your microphone. Not sure if your function requires a professional sound system? No problem! We’ve broken down a few of the types of functions that we regularly provide professional sound systems for below.

Weddings – They Deserve the Best

When planning your wedding, it’s important to do everything you can to ensure that things run as smoothly as possible. The failure of an amateur sound system is a high potential risk that is easily avoided on your important day. Some things, like weather, might be uncontrollable, but other things, like dependable sound, are easily under your control. Allow your guests to clearly hear all of the day’s speeches, and dance the night away.


Milestone Birthdays and Anniversaries

Whether it’s your parents’ 50th wedding anniversary or your great aunt’s 100th birthday, these milestone types of celebrations should be had with family and friends. With celebrations this large it is wise to reserve a dining hall or small conference area—these smaller venues, however, are rarely equipped with professional sound equipment. A small, quality sound system in a scenario like this is ideal for music and shout outs.

Large-scale Presentations and Events

To effectively connect with a large crowd, a professional sound system is an absolute necessity. Unequal sound distribution, low quality audio and feedback are just a few common problems that can be easily avoided with a professional sound system. These issues can derail even the best presentations, and ruin the event.

At Freeman Audio Visual Canada, we offer a number of products and services to encourage audience engagement; however, they all rely on the foundation of a strong audio system. For more information on sound system rental, and other ways that we can help improve the quality of your events, please contact us. If you have a specific request, or would like to speak to a representative in person, you can always call us directly at 1(800)868-6886.