New Technology at NAB Show 2016

June 14, 2016


Over the years NAB has strayed from being purely for radio and television broadcasters – it is now a global multi-faceted convention involving every aspect of tv, radio, film, entertainment, advertising, online video and new media. Computer companies, software companies, drone manufacturers and smartphone companies are among the many exhibitors.

The NAB Show is where the top-of-their-game digital, media, technology innovation types go to get inspired and learn about the cutting edge tech and apps that are driving their industry. In other words, it’s one of the meccas for our Solutions Specialists team.


Alex Huard, MediaLab Content Specialist, and Joel Reodica, Solutions Specialist, attended the NAB Show and set out to find the next “big thing” in event AV. We asked them to pick their favourite pieces of new tech!


Alex’s Pick

“Aside from some of the more practical event solutions I saw at NAB, there were a couple of key offerings that may seem minute but to me were most interesting and impactful. I really liked the Moverio AR goggles from Epson – I like the idea that you can have a monitor on your face.”


Joel’s Pick

“The modular controller by Pallette Gear was one of the most exciting pieces of tech that I saw. Having modular and a totally customizable controller for any and every workflow is amazing for all tech professionals especially creative designers and creative technical people like myself in the field controlling projection mapping media servers and playback systems”


Honourable mention

Li-Dar Scanning technology

Ever want to track your attendance and foot traffic at your trade show? A Korean R&D centre called CHIC – (center of human-centered interaction for coexistence) exhibiting at NAB demonstrated new technology in development that uses Laser “Radar”, aka LiDar technology attached to a backpack to do a real time survey of your event space or trade show.
LiDar technology is based on the same principles as Radar, but instead uses Lasers. CHIC mounts this onto a portable backpack system and allows the user to walk the trade show floor. The system collects raw 3D point-cloud data that allows you to create an actual floor plan while eliminating moving people during trade show hours.

The potential of this technology can lead to the ability to track actual foot traffic of attendees at a concert, trade show or any event allowing stakeholders to measure and track the effectiveness of their booths or marketing activations. Not to mention will help event planner better plan for optimal flow and booth placement.

New-technology-nab New-technology-nab

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