Need a directory of women in tech to speak at events? Peep this!

July 30, 2015

Tech Events: Take the “50-50 Pledge”

Noting the dearth of women at the mics of most technology conferences, Sandi MacPherson, founder of a professional network called Quibb, decided to do something about it. Starting with this tweet:



And did she get responses? Yes, yes she did. According to Fast Company, she’s already amassed a 1,100-person list of female tech speakers—a list that’s still growing—and she’s issuing a challenge to tech conference organizers to take her her “50-50 pledge” and make their stages more gender-balanced. According to FastCo:

“There are a lot of women out there who are so great at what they do, these people do exist. It’s just that you might not know them,” MacPherson says. Her goal is to partner with organizers and provide them with suggested speakers “focused on the right topic and in the right role.”