Making Technology the Most Valuable Member of Your Association

February 4, 2016

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With the ticking over of a new year comes a swell of motivated, admirable individuals declaring their resolve to change something for the better: live healthier, achieve some great feat, break new ground. It would seem that the arena of Event Technology has made its annual declaration to change the live events and meetings space once again because the rate of change is showing no signs of letting up. In 2016, event technology is pushing new boundaries to help planners, presenters and participants achieve their goals and create new and exciting connections at meetings and live events. Virtual Reality is one such technology – and we’re very excited at the opportunities it presents!

Virtual Reality Is a Reality

When Facebook purchased Oculus Rift nearly two years ago, it sent a clear message: “Immersive experiences are the way of the future.” Since then, major industry players have made significant investments in the technology, including Samsung, Google, Microsoft and GoPro.

As an immersive and engaging event experience, there are a number of opportunities to incorporate these cutting edge solutions into association conferences, meetings and events in exciting ways, including:

  • Show and Tell 2.0: Virtual Reality devices/headsets can demonstrate products, locations and experiences in a near…well, in a virtually…realistic way. Transport your delegates to the top of Mount Everest or behind the wheel of a Formula One racecar. Or enhance presentations with an immersive POV of a detailed demonstration. Location and physical presence are no longer barriers to experience. The phrase, “I guess you had to be there.” no longer applies!
  • Treat exhibit booth visitors to rare experiences, product demonstrations and interactive games.
  • Tired of flipping through venue brochures and squinting over small photos? Pop on a VR headset and enjoy a fully-immersive, 3D guided tour of any facility anywhere in the world!
  • For presenters, VR offers something unique: to present to themselves! Presenters can experience the presentation from the perspective of an audience member, redefining the rehearsal experience.
  • Put down that webcast and put on a VR headset. VR enables remote attendees to experience the live event as if they’re in the room – or for that matter, anywhere in the world!

Technology is our friend and year after year, it has shown us new ways to connect, engage and educate in ways we didn’t consider even a year ago. Yet, despite these annual advancements, a live connection through a face-to-face event is always the ideal – from enhanced intimate engagement to compelling first-hand presentation and reduced distractions, it’s hard to beat that live connection.

FMAV had the privilege of creating a connection with many attendees at CSAE’s annual Tête-à-Tête show in Ottawa, Ontario where we demonstrated Virtual Reality as an exciting tool for conference planners. If you have a Google Cardboard, use your smartphone to check out our demo reel of VR videos.

If you would like to discuss how to incorporate Virtual Reality into your next event, please contact us or complete the following form and we’ll get in touch with you.

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