Joie de (FMA)vivre in Montréal!

May 10, 2016

fmav montreal

It takes just 17 minutes to get from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts to another hotbed of Montreal’s renowned creativity and innovation. Just beyond the downtown core on Rue Dandurand is FMAV’s Montreal operations.

With more than 30,000 square feet of audiovisual warehouse space, and a newly-installed sign with the slick new logo emblazoned across, FMAV Montreal is hard to miss.

Like every office across the country, FMAV Montreal has been enjoying a rejuvenation in recent months. The entire company relaunched in December 2015 as FMAV (formerly FrischkornMEDIACO) and true to the city’s creative spirit, the Montreal team took the new brand and ran with it, inspiring a new direction for the branch’s interior design and architecture.

“It’s clean and chic – we’re so proud of the office now,’ says Marie-Josée Boilard, Vice President Eastern Region. “Our talented technician and creative teams worked together in bringing our brand to life within these walls to create a beautiful space that is both welcoming to clients and inspiring for the team.”

The clean and modern office spaces feels fluid and is dotted with LED displays, which can be used for presentations, video conferencing, and client welcome messages.

“The warehouse expansion effectively doubled the size of our facility,“ explains Jean-Francois Benson, Operations Manager. “Along with the extra capacity, we’re building a better-than-ever inventory of new technologies and an enhanced service offering.”

The jewel in the crown of the Montreal office is the impressively versatile space, dubbed Studio2854 (what’s in a name? The room dimensions are 28’ x 54’). The vast room is the ideal space to host clients to demonstrate creative staging concepts, pre-visualizations, or work sessions. For the internal team, the serene room has become a fast favourite for team meetings and socials, again, speaking to Studio2854’s infinite versatility.


The Brand Awakens with an Emergent Team

But it’s within these chicly designed walls where the beating heart of the Montreal branch lies: The Team. A client said it best: “I can get the gear from anywhere, but I can only get the best people from FMAV.”

Along with significant investment in the facility and event technology equipment, FMAV is focused on enhancing its team of technical event professionals and has already attracted some of Montreal’s top talent. Lead by Marie-Josée Boilard, some of the industry’s brightest stars are finding a new home at FMAV, including

“The new FMAV is more than just a new logo,” remarks Boilard. “In Montreal, and across the country, we are renewing our focus on the needs of the planner and providing the best thinking, talent and technology to create powerful connections at their meetings and live events.”

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