How to Get More Sponsors for Your Events

May 7, 2015

Securing sponsorship is very different than planning an event. While you may excel at organizing and seamlessly pulling off a stellar show for your guests, securing sponsorship can become quite frustrating, and even overwhelming.

Follow our guide below for some tips on how to get more sponsors for your events. People clapping

One of the mistakes often made when planning an event is thinking of your customers as the only attendees. Regardless of whether your sponsors are secondary sources of revenue or not, you must begin to think of them as customers as well.

Before considering the venue and who will attend, think sponsorship. Tailor your event and the enticing factors towards your sponsors. Will they be interested in sponsoring the event you’ve planned? Will they see value in it? Will it show diversity and innovation? Having a mindset that follows this train of thought will help in creating your event that attracts both sponsors and attendees alike.

Know where your value is, and never sell yourself short. While packaging everything into a neat sponsor package is common protocol, rework your event details into a way that makes sense for you and your company. You’ve worked hard to create a brand/persona for your company; you need to keep that in mind when creating your sponsorship packages.

business meetingWhile good things may come to those who wait, in this case, being proactive is the key to securing sponsorship for your event. Sitting back after sending a few emails won’t get you too far. Cold calling is not for everyone, but making those calls, knocking on doors, and sending out loads of emails will help you cover more ground. Remember: a little extra effort now will pay off much more in the long run.

Use tools like LinkedIn – you can search for anyone in the industry and contact them directly. If you can’t get in touch online, call the company and ask directly for the person whom you are trying to reach.

Trying a few unconventional methods might be your best bet. Getting more sponsors for your events can be daunting, but we’re confident that, with the right planning and strategic effort, you will succeed!

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