How similar are audiences around the world? FreemanXP fills us in.

By Lisa VanRosendale

No matter the location or industry – these three basic needs are strikingly similar

We are just past the halfway point of 2014, and I have already travelled thousands of miles around the world, visiting cities like Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Austin, TX; Calgary, Canada; Moscow, Russia; Las Vegas, NV; and beyond. I’ve attended events in industries ranging from energy to technology to entertainment to you name it! Despite the miles (and oceans) between these locations and the differences in industries, I have found some best practices in engaging communities that are borderless.

My “ah ha” moment came as I was flying home from Malaysia this past March. On that long flight, I started reflecting on my various show experiences and realized that, although I have been in several completely different markets in drastically varying cities, the customer experience was similar in each.

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