Mark Bullen

As the vice president of information services, Mark creates target paths of innovation and service for the Encore Canada enterprise. He realizes that to provide exceptional service and unmatched value, he must be able to not just listen to—but really hear—clients and the needs and expectations they communicate. His experience with system integration and his solid understanding of the audiovisual business model have provided a solid foundation on which Encore Canada can grow.

It’s Mark’s responsibility to ensure that his Encore Canada colleagues have reliable access to timely and accurate information; he succeeds at this through close collaboration to identify and overcome day-to-day operational challenges and building long-term strategies that meet the company’s business needs. His involvement in the Project Management Institute and the CIO Association of Canada have also been key in helping him solve problems, address challenges, and deliver solutions.

Encore Canada’s information services group is a technology enabler that provides its personnel with the right technology, information, and tools and that is dedicated to investing in emerging IT solutions. This combination makes Encore Canada an unparalleled service provider. Since joining Encore Canada in 1990, he has helped create a service-oriented IT organization that provides smart, functional, and efficient solutions. Success in the fluid IT industry also means that you must surround yourself with people who complement each other; his team and the extended Encore Canada IT team do just that.