ePosters and the Fundamentals of Presentation Management

May 31, 2017

Presentation management systems and ePosters can make the difference in your meetings.

Presentation management systems and ePosters can make the difference in your meetings.

Presentations and meetings aren’t what they used to be – and mostly, that’s a good thing. Meetings need to engage and educate everyone present, and a number of new technologies and management systems have now made achieving that goal easier than ever. However, remember the important flip side to this trend: expectations are higher than ever before.

Meeting and conference attendees don’t have the patience they once did to wait while you set up a presentation or mess around with paper notes. They expect seamless and responsive presentations, technological fluency and visual pop when they show up, and they’ll be disappointed if they find that lacking.

Two of the best tech solutions to help make conference content as effective as possible are ePosters and presentation management systems.

Presentation management systems streamline content management

The collection and management of presentation assets can be an arduous task for meeting organizers. For many conferences, the ability to screen presentation content in advance and streamline the on-site experience for speakers is critical.

Another benefit of the presentation management system is the ability to test and try out presentations ahead of time.

Professional presentation management systems can streamline this task and provide any meeting organizer the ability to centralize communications to speakers with personalized email invitations and reminders and real-time visibility to submissions received in a simple, easy to use interface.

Combined with an on-site speaker ready room, presenters can have the ability to test and review their content ahead of time, allowing real-time updates to the appropriate meeting room. No presenter wants a presentation that stutters and fails at a critical point or does not represent their most current content, and a professional management system can help ensure your speakers have the highest level of confidence with that their session goes off without a glitch.

ePosters engage audiences with multimedia features

When it comes to visual displays, expectations have also moved forward in interesting ways. From scientific conferences to academic meetings to industry events, ePosters offer a better and more engaging way to display and promote visual information.

Some of the unique features that ePosters can provide include:

  • Pan and zoom effects for display
  • Keyword searching functionality
  • Embedded video and rich media elements
  • Interactive features for presenters
  • Social sharing

Don’t underestimate the potential of video – increasingly, that’s the way many in the workforce absorb and share information. Given a choice between static and animated displays, viewers – especially those in the millennial generation – will often go with the digital version. This is definitely an audience you want to reach, and the available technology can greatly increase your rate of success here.

GRAPHIC DESIGNER WORKING WITH INTERACTIVE PEN DISPLAY, Designing an ePoster can give your presentation an engaging visual edge.

There are a couple of key factors to keep in mind when designing and presenting an ePoster or other digital display solution. High-resolution imagery and good design is absolutely key – because of the large screens involved, low-res images and poor typesetting can be glaringly obvious. You should also keep accessibility best practices in mind as a digital poster can – and should – be shared across a variety of devices, from smartphones to digital whiteboards.

To learn more about the benefits of presentation management and ePoster solutions, register for our upcoming webinar on June 15th at 1:30pm EST on Adding New Value to Conferences Through More Approachable Content Formats.

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