Digital signage is becoming the attraction at events

August 18, 2017

Traditionally, signs have served a very simple purpose: to visually convey information quickly and concisely. And while their intent has not changed over the years, technology has developed in such a way that today’s signs have much more to offer, particularly when it comes to putting on events.

Event planners in 2017 have seen digital signage evolve in venues across the country. Through the incorporation of smart technology, signs can now create interactive, dynamic user experiences and improve audience engagement, alongside the standard functional purpose, providing more value than ever before to your clients.

Enhance the functional elements of your event 

Digital signage uses technologies such as LCD, LED and projection to display content on a surface, generally a wall or screen. While flat surfaces are traditionally the standard, projection mapping has allowed some audio visual presentations to be displayed on fully three-dimensional environments, thus freeing AV from the constraints of a set area or surface.

Event planners can use these enhanced options to project a wide variety of visuals, from digital images and video, to streamed media and web pages. Right off the bat, these smart versions contribute to the modern tone of the event, establishing your client as a leader who is up-to-date with the latest technology.

Digital signage solutions can also serve the very practical purpose of displaying critical event information in a more engaging manner. Unlike traditional signs, which are limited to one static message, a digital option can cycle through multiple notices and change on demand, showing the conference schedule one moment and then switching to information about different speakers. This can be especially helpful for conferences or other events lasting more than one day where information will regularly need to be updated.

Digital signage displays are also an opportunity to dynamically elevate the branding of the event, by emphasizing themes, logos and other branded elements of the host company in an eye-catching manner.

Create an interactive user experience

However, digital signs are more than just an upgraded version of traditional banners and posters. They are also a valuable tool in their own right when it comes to creating an interactive experience for attendees.

For example, these signs can be synced with smartphones or other devices through an app and used for audience polls during presentations. Event planners can project the results on a screen and allow attendees to play a part in the visuals and content of the talk. If your event involves some form of competition, you can have a leader board with points and progress displayed in real time.

If the event involves posters, you also have an opportunity to innovate there as well. Gone are the days of printed boards. An interactive poster gallery gives attendees the opportunity to interact with the presentations through touch-screen displays that will create a better user experience and allow you to use the space more efficiently.

Improve attendee engagement

When you design an event for a client, one of the most valuable services you can provide is helping the company to engage with their guests. These attendees are likely either potential consumers or important stakeholders, so capturing their attention and drawing them into the mission of the event is critical.

Digital signage displays can aid in this area. You can use these tools to show pictures and videos from the event, constantly updating the stream with new media to keep your audience interested in what’s going on at any given time.

These visuals are also a great opportunity to encourage social media engagement. Incorporate social media walls into your decor, projecting posts in real time to highlight the contributions of attendees. The chance to interact in this way encourages guests to follow your client on social channels even after the event ends, providing opportunities for follow-up at a later date.

By using digital signage solutions instead of more traditional options, you can create an event that will exceed your client’s expectations and establish yourself as a leader in your own field.