Corporate Social Responsibility: 2014 Annual Report

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Twenty-fourteen was a year of rebirth and renewal for Canada’s leading audio visual and presentation solutions company. On January 10, 2014, we announced a complete brand makeover. And with the rebranding of AVW-TELAV Audio Visual Solutions to Freeman Audio Visual came a massive relabelling project involving all our equipment, road cases, clothing and vehicles. As such, careful consideration was taken to undergo all aspects of this transformational endeavor with a green thumb.

Freeman Audio Visual also concluded its final year of a five-year joint corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitment with MPI Foundation Canada and in December 2014 renewed for another 5 years. The Events for Communities of Sustainability (ECOS) Project once again created numerous opportunities for the meetings and events industry to give back to its local communities. This past year, our volunteers produced some very promising results, and we announced that 2014 would not mark the ending of ECOS but, rather, a new beginning.With spirit and enthusiasm, Freeman employees continued to partake in socially-conscientious activities at the national and local level.

In addition to some of our usual charitable pursuits—like Movember and Dare to Give—some technical personnel assisted Freeman Audio Visual in fulfilling its obligation to the meeting industry’s future leaders by getting involved in student job-shadowing programs and hosting post-secondary speaking engagements. They also found time to celebrate each other during our annual Customer Service Week and AV Month celebrations, and by way of company and peer-recognition programs.Making our efforts especially rewarding, we were honoured to receive some very special accolades last year in recognition of our sustainability efforts. Read about these awards, our green initiatives, and much, much more in our sixth annual CSR Report.