Choosing a Sound Equipment Rental Company: Things to Consider

June 30, 2016


Regardless of the nature of your event, having a good company handle your audio should be high on your priority list. While the venue may look great, the freebies and open bar alluring, and the stage captivating, if no one can hear you, your event will be a bust. Choosing a sound equipment rental company comes with some things to consider.


1. Equipment

While you might think every AV company is comparable in the equipment they use, this is actually not always true. Equipment can be pricey and companies like to get good use of their purchases. Some companies may not update their equipment for a while, while others might have state-of-the-art gear. Make a list of the priorities and needs you have for your event. Try to gauge the intensity and complexity of your event. Present this list when meeting with sound equipment rental companies and see if they can handle it. If they can’t, they may subcontract you out to another company.

You should ensure that the subcontractor has the capacity to manage your event and be accountable for any issues that may arise on the job. The best practice is to know ahead of time what you are looking for so that you can make a “sound” decision when meeting with different companies.

2. Price

Price is, without a doubt, something that we always gravitate towards immediately. Wanting to know how much something will set us back and what is comparable is human nature. When choosing a sound rental company, making the assumption that the highest quote means the best service and equipment is a common mistake. Sharing your budget with the company will help you in staying on track, and will give the provider an idea of what you want.

A reputable company won’t take advantage of you, especially once they know your budget, and they will help you to work around your budget to get the equipment and service you need while providing accurate quotes. Be sure to keep an eye out for the value you are getting. Gauging costs with what you are getting outside of the equipment is to be noted.

Does the company arrive early to the venue to set up in an orderly way, do they bring extra equipment in case of malfunctions, do they agree to last minute changes, do they walk you through their process, help with things that aren’t necessarily under their department? It can be worthwhile to pay a little extra for a job that’s very well done.

3. References

References play a big role in the way we perceive a company or a person. To get a good idea of what your proposed sound equipment rental company is like, take a look at their online portfolio. If you see some client names that they have worked with that either ring a bell, or that are known for quality, it’s a strong indication that you’ll be in good hands.

Asking the company for more information or for photos/videos of events they have done is a great way of getting a sense of their capabilities. If they refuse or don’t have any material to show you, take it as a red flag and be wary of their services. Taking a look at their testimonial or review section on their website is also a good way to get an understanding of how they operate.

Choosing a sound equipment rental company is easier once you have these things to consider down pat. Contact us for a quote or more information.