System Design and Integration

System Design and Integration: A Total AV/IT-Integrated Solution

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The media has been calling its design “sexy.” We like to focus more on its environmental sustainability features. But whatever it is that first draws you to Canada’s New Meeting Place, it’s the myriad of technological capabilities it offers to meetings and events that will keep you there.

When AVW-TELAV designed the audio visual systems for the Ottawa Convention Centre (OCC), our extensive understanding of the ever-increasing convergence of AV and IT allowed us to provide a sophisticated overall communication solution throughout the grand facility.

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System Design and Integration: A Sound Solution for Rescan Environmental Services Ltd.

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Rescan Environmental Services Ltd. (Rescan) is a private, Canadian-owned, environmental consulting firm offering a wide range of services to the resource development industry.

AVW-TELAV was engaged to provide a complete audio visual and video conferencing solution to a new boardroom at Rescan’s Vancouver headquarters to ensure ease of use for executives and participants.

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Samsung’s Technological Masterpiece

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Samsung envisioned its office environment to be a technological masterpiece with state-of-the-art communications equipment and presentation tools. But what they didn’t want was for their meeting spaces to appear equipment-cluttered or gaudy.

Through our thorough needs-analysis process, we were able to understand exactly what Samsung wanted, and then provided the resources needed to fulfill their technological and aesthetic requirements.

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System Design and Integration: The Global Presence Alliance Update

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AVW-TELAV is a member of the leading worldwide alliance of audio visual systems integrators, allowing us to extend our service offering and commitment to organizational standardization and strategic enterprise management of AV and video communication systems to our customers, wherever their businesses may be located. With in excess of $500M USD in annual global revenues, Global Presence Alliance (GPA) partners as a combined entity and is certainly a financial force to be reckoned with.

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“Faster, Less Expensive, and Better…” Just a dream?

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Intuit had an ambitious dream. As the leading developer of e-finance software solutions for personal and small business applications, Intuit’s vision for its new Mississauga campus was to create an all-encompassing, thought-stimulating work atmosphere for its employees to congregate, exercise their minds, and encourage their creative juices to flow. In bringing this dream to fruition, Intuit had some strict requirements, deadlines, and budgets.

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