Mike O’Brien

Mike’s more than 10 years of industry experience—and more than 20 years of technical experience—give him a well-rounded background that serves his Freeman colleagues and their clients well. Having served in a wide range of roles at the company, he boasts a unique understanding of the challenges his staff regularly encounters. With a broad knowledge of creative, cost-effective solutions, Mike is always a reliable and an accessible resource for information. His expertise allows him to pre-empt challenges before they become problems and help his colleagues craft exceptional events.

Since joining Freeman in 2014, Mike works closely with the technical services managers in the Edmonton branch, ensuring each event and client receives the same exceptional level of customer service. He is dedicated to helping his colleagues develop both personally and professionally, which he accomplishes by encouraging independent thinking and decision-making while always remaining available for advice and support. Serving as a mentor, Mike enjoys cultivating the next generation of event planners and audiovisual specialists.

In his daily role, Mike is not just responsible for brainstorming innovative solutions and mentoring colleagues. He is also focused on growing the Edmonton branch’s market share—a true challenge in today’s ever-changing market. With an ultimate goal of establishing Freeman as Canada’s leading audiovisual provider, Mike is using his love of technology and dedication to his team to put this goal easily within reach.

“We can’t do great work if we don’t love what we do. Luckily, all of us at the Edmonton branch are devoted to our craft, our clients, and Freeman. We pride ourselves on providing a personalized touch, and that means spending time getting to know people on a personal level. This commitment beyond the work environment is what gives Freeman the advantage—now and in the future.”