Kevin MacKillop

Kevin joined Encore Audio Visual in 1989, pushing road cases and setting up drape. Through a combination of luck, perseverance, and skill, he worked his way to the role of National Director of Operations. Here he focuses on ensuring facilities and branches are always properly staffed and have sufficient inventory—all the while keeping the greater picture in focus. This means staying on the cutting edge of technology and bringing new products to the organization and finding ways to implement those products in events.

Kevin sees Encore Canada as a partner—not just a service provider—to his clients, so delivering operational excellence at all times is key. Employing a collaborative approach, he offers his decades of experience to help branches navigate the stream of decisions to be made—decisions that must increase customer value while reducing organizational costs. He sees solutions and alternatives that others don’t, and his calm demeanor helps people see their goals, accomplish them, and realize that no obstacle is insurmountable.

Kevin is skilled at taking ideas and concepts and converting them into concrete action items. In our time-sensitive industry, it is imperative that we quickly follow up and take action on ideas. He is skilled at asking the right questions, sharing his knowledge, and educating the next generation. With his leadership, Encore Canada will continue to move forward and charter new territory for the industry.

In our business, it’s not uncommon for small issues to snowball and threaten to derail an event. I believe that it is every employee’s responsibility—even if it isn’t their specific job—to ensure that every aspect of an event is made a top priority. This vision of customer service is what makes Encore Canada an industry leader.