Derek Anderson

Derek joined Freeman in 2002, bringing more than 20 years’ experience in technology and leadership. His expertise is evident in the way he encourages and develops colleagues as they strive to achieve their personal and professional goals. Through these collaborative partnerships, Derek cultivates the next generation of innovative thought leaders.

As Freeman positions itself as the industry leader of creative, digital, and social media strategies, the company turned to Derek to develop its range of products and services. Now the vice president of event production, Derek and his team work closely with clients and colleagues to incorporate innovative designs and concepts in unforgettable events. Their extensive industry knowledge means they are skillful at providing the maximum value for the budget, selecting solutions that exceed expectations.

Executing a cutting-edge, top-notch event is not his team’s only goal. Instead, beyond achieving 100% client satisfaction and designing a buzzworthy show, they strive to build business and relationships. The best sign that Freeman has earned a client’s trust and respect? When Derek and his team are told by the client that we have exceeded their expectations.

“Our employees is what will lead Freeman Canada to be the best company to work for and a clear leader in the market. We are focused on developing our personnel to their full potential, and we have a vested interest in their professional and personal development. This dedication is what sets Freeman apart from its competition.”