A shift in technology use for presentations

February 24, 2012

Apple shipped a record-breaking 15.4 million iPads globally in the fourth quarter of 2011, maintaining its overall lead (and a 58 percent market share) in the tablet market. Consumers are also being wooed by an exciting new range of inexpensive and attractive Android tablets arriving on the market.

“Android captured a record 39 percent share of global tablet shipments in Q4 2011, rising from 29 percent a year earlier,” said Neil Mawston, executive director at Strategy Analytics, as Yahoo News reports. “Global Android tablet shipments tripled annually to 10.5 million units.”

Compare these tablet sales numbers to Hewlett-Packard (leader in the market) PC sales, which was 14.7 million PCs in the fourth Quarter of 2011, and it is clear that we are seeing a purchasing shift from traditional PCs to tablets.

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