5 Things to Consider When Selecting a Video Solution for Your Event

November 17, 2015

Navigating the (over) stimulating world of digital display

projection mapping technology

Video technology can be intimidating these days and with so many options and possibilities, it’s hard to know which technology is right for your event.  When digital content is your main outlet to communicate your message to your audience, choosing the right technology is an important decision. The best part: there are so many high-quality display solutions that can help you reach your event goals.

There are many factors to consider when deciding on how your content should be displayed.  As always, we always recommend that the technology solution link back to your meeting/event goals. What is the message we are trying to communicate? What type of connection are we trying to make?

Here are 5 things to keep in mind when choosing the best video solution for your next meeting/ live event.

1. Screen content

For almost every event, “content is king”.  Your content will dictate how it should be viewed and how your message should be delivered.  Content is your main driver and is what will ultimately determine if your audience will connect with your message or not. Think about who is in the room and refer back to your all important event goals. Consider the person sitting at the very end of the room who’s coming to the event to be educated. Will detailed diagrams or quantitative financial data displayed on the screens support his or her education? Your video solution needs to connect that individual with the on-screen presentation for his or her meeting/live event experience to be worthwhile.

2. Audience size

projection mapping technologyWhen considering how to display your content, consider your audience size and demographic. Is this a small, intimate social or a large lecture-style presentation? For a small intimate setting monitors will help to create an interactive atmosphere (hello, touch screens!).  When putting on a large scale event with hundreds of attendees you may consider widescreen projection or an LED video wall. This would depend on your venue but we’ll get to that.

3. Room/event space attributes – screen location, power distribution, ceiling height, seating arrangements

It’s always important to think of your room size and and layout when deciding on your digital content display. The room could be the perfect size and shape for your event, but there’s a pesky pillar right in the centre, that’s going to interfere with your projection. Never fear! A rear projection solution will solve that problem. But wait! Now you’ve got to move your screen to allow for the rear projection throw distance (the space between the projector and the screen) and your gala seating layout is compromised. Then perhaps you should consider an LED wall, which will give you the space, flexibility and vibrancy you require.

4. Ambient light

Light, lumens, and windows. These are all things that can make or break your decision on projection and push you towards the wonderful world of LED. Many convention centres have beautiful, windowed walls and ceilings allowing lovely vitamin D and ambient light to flood the room. With all that light, projection is nearly impossible and that’s where a 4mm LED video wall might be just what you’re looking for.

5. The emotional dimension

Ask yourself: How do you want the audience to feel?  This will heavily influence your event goals and objectives and will be determine how to measure the success of your event. Will your audience leave feeling connected to your highly immersive content? Or educated from the informative (and interesting) seminar/lecture?  One of our favourite ways of creating an immersive atmosphere is through projection mapping technology. Projection or Pixel mapping can take your dynamic video content or still imagery and project them onto venue elements or custom set pieces (anything really) to create a truly captivating experience. Check out this Case Study to see how SAS used projection mapping technology at their kick-off.

If you would like to discuss or learn more about content and video display options, please contact us or complete the following form and we’ll get in touch with you.

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