5 Big Trends in Presentation Management

July 1, 2016

In a tech focused industry, trends are incredibly important. Trends provide information on what consumers are interested in, the products they are using, and what really captures their attention. In the AV solutions and presentation management business, related trends are vital for maintaining up-to-date standards, and competitive service offerings.

Now that we’re over halfway through the year, here are the 5 biggest presentation management trends of 2016 that can offer benefits for your company’s next event.

1. Improved Mobile Access

Presentation management streamlines the professional presentation process, allowing for presentations to go smoothly with the highest level of convenience. Now that more individuals are accessing online data through their phones, it is important to improve mobile access to presentation data.

Tip: Utilize a file sharing app that functions on both iPhone and Android phones. Link employees and presentation participants to a common folder and keep documents there for quick, up-to-date access.

2. Low Powered Transmitters Will Change Presentation Landscapes

This year, participants and attendees of presentations can expect to see some form of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or iBeacon technology. These devices have numerous benefits for large events, including:

  • Mobile device interaction, such as a personalized welcome message
  • Mobile access to event schedules and information
  • Customized digital maps based on the needs of participants and attendees
  • Digital scavenger hunts
  • Tracking of booth success
  • And more

BLE and iBeacon technology gathers information and synthesizes it quickly so you can make adjustments as events occur.

Tip: Use iBeacon and BLE technology to track AV rentals and supplies belonging to your company.

3. Behavioral Programming is on the Rise

In 2016, presentation managers will have begun to notice a rise in what is known as behavioral programming. This form of software development is responsive to human behavior and habits. Based on collected data on a portion of the population, digital media is crafted to respond to your specific needs.

Although behavioral programming is still in the early stages, we believe that ultimately this technology will be able to learn how companies think and operate, and have a major impact on efficiency and growth.

Tip: When creating presentations, take the time to consider how a particular client or brand thinks about their product/service, and design AV solutions to reflect that thought process.

4. Free Wi-Fi for All

With more people accessing online apps and programs than ever before, Wi-Fi has become an essential feature at any hotel or event space. We are now seeing more free Wi-Fi at more events than ever. However, remember that free Wi-Fi servers are often unsecured. If you are going to use Wi-Fi at your next event, be sure to advise participants and attendees to refrain from disclosing any sensitive information.

Tip: Free Wi-Fi networks should be easily accessed, and they should have strong signals. You do not want the signal wavering during a crucial moment of an important presentation.

5. Personalized Service is the Name of the Game

Data is collected throughout every online and mobile interaction. Users have a more positive experience when this information becomes interconnected. Customers are happier and more satisfied when information is tailored to their unique interests and needs.

In the year 2016, clients have come to expect this level of customer service. Personalized and custom services are more appealing to the average client and more companies are marketing their services as flexible.

Tip: To enhance personalized customer service, enhance your presentation research process. You want to clearly establish the goal of the presentation, but it is also useful to gather information about your company’s core values, mission, and history.

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