360 VR Previsualization: What You Can Learn from Hollywood

June 24, 2017
Hollywood and event planning have a number of similarities.

If you were to walk onto a Hollywood movie set 50 years ago, you may have seen a comfortable family living room, western saloon or sunny beach – complete with realistic backdrop and carefully detailed props. Today, you’re more likely to walk into an empty box, comprised of green walls, green floor and green ceiling, perhaps occupied by actors dressed entirely in – you guessed it – green.

While digital effects technology has revolutionized the film industry, the downside is that scenes still need to be set up and shot without any visual queues. Consequently, actors, directors and other crew members sometimes struggle to shoot a scene when they have little idea of what it will look like post-production.

To address this challenge, an increasing number of production crews are using 360 virtual reality previsualization to get an idea of the space while they film scenes.

Setting the scene with previsualization
Previsualization is the process by which directors and other members of the film production team are able to see a 3D representation of the scene that they are about to film.

“It’s visualizing the film like the director wants it to look,” Christopher Bellaci, head of bizdev and sales at immersive visualization and design company Prime, said in an interview with Variety.

In 360 virtual reality previsualization, the director and others on set can see the setting of the scene as filming occurs. It gives everyone a better sense of the space, providing live feedback that also helps actors to get into character and know where to stand and how to move.

However, Hollywood is not the only industry using 360 VR to create a better product. In event planning, this virtual reality technology can also be used to plan and execute strategies.

There are a number of similarities between film and event planning previsualization when using 360 VR technology. There are a number of similarities between film and event planning previsualization when using 360 VR technology.

Using VR to execute your event 
An article in VentureBeat explained how previsualization is being used by movie and game makers to gain funding for their projects. These images provide investors, special guests and event select attendees with a better picture of what the final product will look like, increasing confidence and boosting registration.

In the same way, previsualization gives you an opportunity to give your clients a clearer picture of what their event will look like, eliminating last-minute problems or dissatisfaction. And as in film production, it also gives you a better idea of the space so that you ensure that you’re making the most of the room with which you’re working. By being able to navigate a digital, 360 VR representation of the event, event coordinators can simplify booth and stage setup, getting a more accurate sense of the flow of attention and foot traffic.

At the end of the day, 360 VR previsualization technology is also appealing to Hollywood professionals because of the PR value – and the same can be said of its use in event planning. Using virtual reality technology in the planning stages and production of events demonstrates that you can fully leverage the latest and greatest digital trends in the industry.

As an increasing number of industries and companies invest in the future of virtual reality – including 360 VR previsualization – exciting new possibilities are opening for the event planning space.

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