10 Things Meeting Planners Should Avoid When Engaging “Millennials”

By Chris Cavanaugh

A quick tip sheet for experience marketers looking to attract Millennials

There has been a lot of buzz about the Millennials lately – from Time Magazine and Sixty Minutes, to Forbes and beyond. You’ve no doubt seen the numbers: 1.7 billion individuals worldwide with over 80 million strong in the U.S alone and approximately $100 billion in buying power. Millennials will dominate the workforce by 2020 and bring to the table a whole new set of rules and expectations. There has been much debate about how best to connect with this influential and illusive demographic, but one thing is clear: they will continue to change the way the world does business.

The experience marketing industry is no exception. As these 18-33 year olds rise in rank, they are poised to transform the events industry. The good news is that, unlike the generation before them, this is a lean forward generation: they often seek out and engage with your content and your live experiences – IF you get it right.

So in honor of the Millennial generation, I offer up a list of top ten things to avoid when planning your next meeting or event, so that you CAN get it right:

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